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What is Nimoyd?

Nimoyd is a survival sandbox game with sci-fi and fantasy setting on Earth in the year 2702. Build, craft, dig, farm, and fight through procedurally generated cities and dungeons in this new survival game. Choose your hero from a number of characters, from humans to the elven-like Wardens, to the big Giants, to alien villains. Meet the Underlord and his minions in the underworld, or fight off the alien mercenaries that arrived to colonize your planet. Talk to numerous villagers and reveal stories, which allow you to marry your sweetheart and even to become a parent. And once you die, you can play further as your child and inherit everything. Meet the kings and leaders of all 12 factions in the game, which are entangled in pesky wars. And on top of it, your planet itself is changing. The toxic Fungus biome is spreading every night, transforming whole regions and cities, unless you and your friends do something about it.

Where is Nimoyd coming from?

It started somewhere 2016 as a spare time indie project between Rafael and Jeffrey, and after a few years and prototypes, we finally managed to hire more people in 2019, to polish and finish the game. Today it is a team of 6, with a few contributors.

Which platforms will be supported?

As for now, PC and Mac with and without controller support. Consoles will be coming after the PC release. A mobile release is possible, as we are building the game with the hardware limits of mobile in mind.

When is the release date?

It is not defined yet, but 2021.

Where can I follow you on social media?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nimoydgame
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfK4vt0n9Ux56CltW7T7Rtw (yeah, isn't it handy? ty youtube)
Website: http://nimoyd.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nimoyd
Discord: http://discord.gg/kmf5wrB

Is there a playable demo?

Not yet. But there will be a closed beta or open dev time.

What about dev logs?

We do video logs on YouTube, every 2 weeks now, with additional blogs for each devlog.

Will there be mod support?

Yes, from day one. The game is itself a vanilla mod to the game, so you can easily override most of the content. And the goal is to make everything moddable over time.

Are there any DLCs planned?

No. We do not see a need for DLCs yet. Instead, the plan is to release the game (at some discount) as Early Access in 2021, and then add more content and other stuff until release, like so many survival and open world games before.



Some screenshots

building base
city nag 2
biomedesert tank
teruo big floating pillar
Resources trader
Gaia altar UI
world map
world map political
jarhead workbench
screen building
Jarhead Azach City
Nimoyd in dungeon
Jarhead Exhausted
Jarhead Forest at night


"Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say no more" -- Monty Pythons


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Rafael (Germany). Managing director, game design & coding. Mobile developer for 10+ years, worked for huge companies and startups. Started doing games and coding aged 10.

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Jeffrey (Germany). Animator and illustrator. He likes doing doodly stuff, sword and sorcery, board- and videogames and endless mana.

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Anya (Russia). Illustration and UI, with a passion for book illustrations.

Justin (China). German-American game developer living in China. Heavily into machine learning and networking.

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Brian (Singapore). Executive Producer. Wielder of magic, but also managing director of Ysbryd Games, known for VA-11 Hall-A, and a good friend of us.

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Salvador (UK). Writer. His master thesis was about steampunk. A powerful crafter of words.

  • Twitter - Grey Circle

Shanta (Bangladesh). Unity coder, and passionate about VR and AR.


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Jonas (Sweden). Master of music and fine tunes, also an audio startup co-founder and theatre music composer.

  • Twitter - Grey Circle

Nikolai (Russia). Sound design. Passionate about the sound of monoliths for 11 years.

  • Twitter - Grey Circle

Rafael (Canada). Animator. He's not only doing awesome art, but also into comics. You might know him for Duelyst, Skullgirls or Shovel Knight. 

  • Twitter - Grey Circle

Adam (USA). Animator. You might know him from Duelyst and Space Pets, and his illustrations.

  • Twitter - Grey Circle

Tatsu (Indonesia). Known for the HQ BSL Shader pack of Minecraft which was downloaded ~100M times.




Proven Lands. Started 2013 as a game jam which then quickly turned into a full game that attracted a lot media attention. We had to freeze the development for now, but you'll see some of its elements in Nimoyd.

A beautiful and cool board game secretly in development that will probably be released together with Nimoyd.

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